Cascade High School Chrome Book Program

The CHS Chromebook Program was launched as the "CHS Mobile Device Program" in 2014-15 to provide every student in grades 7-12 with a mobile device for their exclusive use.  However, this SY 2019-2020, we are also providing chromebooks to grade 6. 

Changes for 19-20 School Year

All students will use school-issued chromebooks at school. As previously, students who would like to use their school-issued chromebook outside of school must purchase chromebook insurance, described below. Many students prefer to use their own device outside of school. Current Macintosh and Windows computers have all the capabilities of a chromebook, plus more. Those students who opt to use their own computers outside of school will have a charging station in Mr. Carrion's classroom for their school-issued chromebook.  The charging station will be accessible from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm on school days. Several factors prompted the change in policy to school-issued chromebooks only:

  • Malware threats and information theft have grown significantly in volume and sophistication. The presence of unmanaged devices on our school data network significantly compromises our ability to safeguard school data systems.
  • Our anticipation that students would increasingly be bringing their own devices to school has not borne out. The increasing cost and sophistication of smart phones have taken an expanding share of families' technology budgets, and many families have opted to use a school-issued chromebook in favor of exposing their own computers to the hazards of school use.
  • As teachers incorporate more online resources into their teaching practice, the instructional need for bandwidth has increased to the point where non-educational bandwidth consumption by student-owned devices is impinging on educational needs.
  • Chromebooks have become more affordable to the school, with a cost decrease of 40% since the start of the program.

Insurance of School-issued Chromebooks

Students must purchase chromebook insurance at $16 for the 2019-20 school year if they want to use their chromebook away from school. Click here to download the insurance form/waiver. Insurance covers theft, loss, and unintentional damage. Insurance does not cover extreme negligence, such as theft or damage from purposely leaving the chromebook unattended in a public place. The premium for subsequent years will be adjusted up or down based on the fund balance in the insurance pool and the number of insurance claims by a student in the previous year. Like other forms of insurance, individual student rates may be increased if they had claims in the previous year, putting them in a higher risk group. The increases are one-fourth of the cost of claims, rounded to the nearest dollar. Students who opt to waive insurance in favor of only using their device at school only will not be held liable for theft, loss and unintentional damage that occurs at school. Again, in cases of extreme negligence, students will be responsible for repair or replacement costs.

Keeping Chromebooks Charged

Students are responsible for bringing a charged chromebook to class. The chromebooks have adequate battery capacity to last through a school day when managed properly. Those students who have opted to use their chromebooks at school only have a charging station available in Mr. Hinze's room throughout the school day. For those who purchased insurance, forty-two charging lockers with user-settable combination locks are available for those times when a device needs to be charged during the school day or over-night. Under no circumstances should students plug into a classroom or hallway outlet to charge their device. Doing so poses a tripping hazard that could lead to injury and/or damage to the chromebook. Chargers used at school will be confiscated, and students will have to pay a $10 fine to get their charger back.

Loaner Chromebooks

If a student has forgotten to charge their chromebook or bring it to school, they may borrow a loaner from Mr. Carrion's room for a fee of $1 per day. Teachers are within their rights to demand that a student sign out a loaner if they have neglected to bring their chromebook to class with an adequate charge. If the loaner chromebook is kept overnight, an additional day's fee of $1 will be charged. Students must pay the loaner fee within a week of borrowing the chromebook. An exception is during the final week of the school year, when advanced payment is required. Payment is made in the high school office. The student must show Mr. Carrion the receipt to confirm payment. Students may also work off the fee at a rate of $1 per 8 minutes. Student using a loaner must sign it out using a form linked on the "Parent and Student Resources" page. Removing a loaner from Mr. Carrion's room without signing it out will incur a $5 fine.

Headphones or Earbuds

Image of aux plug

A great educational benefit of chromebooks is the ability to use audio/video resources. This benefit is compromised if students do not have headphones or earbuds to use these resources without disturbing other students. Students are expected to provide their own headphones or earbuds with a standard two-channel plug, as pictured. Earbuds are

available in the high school office at cost, but they can be purchased elsewhere. Loaner headphones are available in Mr. Carrion's room, with the same fees and sign-out procedures as loaner chromebooks. As with the chromebooks, teachers are within their rights to demand that students sign out loaner headphones if they have neglected to bring headphones or earbuds to class.

Internet Content Filtering

School-issued chromebooks will be filtered regardless of where the device connects to the Internet. Violations of the school's acceptable use policy will be enforced for school-provided chromebooks, regardless of whether the chromebook is being used at school or elsewhere. Parents are encouraged to set rules about use of the devices at home and at other off-campus locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact Angel Carrion (, 630-6057 x2590) if you have additional questions, comments or concerns.

Q: What if we do not have Internet access at home?
A: Google Drive has an off-line mode, so students can continue work on documents, presentations, etc when they do not have Internet access. The next time the chromebook is connected to the internet, any offline work will be synchronized to their Google Drive. In future years, we expect to incorporate more on-line curriculum. There are no easy answers here, and we will probably have to handle this on a case-by-case basis, considering options such as having the student use internet connections available from neighbors or nearby businesses, or making arrangements for the student to use the school network outside of school hours.

Q: Will chromebooks be available for purchase through the school for home use?
A: No. There are no academic or volume discounts available to the school, so there is no cost-advantage in purchasing through the school. Also, purchasing directly from a retailer allows the buyer to deal directly with the retailer for issues such as warranty repairs.

Q: Which brand of chromebook do you recommend for home use?
A: Please consult this link for end-of-life projections for chromebook models. Do not expect significant performance gains in going with higher-priced chromebook models - Internet bandwidth will play a bigger role in performance than processor speed.

Q: How does printing work with a chromebook?
A: Chromebooks cannot print directly to a USB printer, but they can print to any of our 4 network printers in campus via the "Cloud Print". Mr. Carrion has setup this method, for all Secondary students to have a print/copy code with an associated quota. If a student needs access to copy or print, please contact Mr. Carrion  via email or in person. 

Q: Does the school provide protective covers for the school-provided devices?
A: Yes. We provide protective sleeves to students who purchase insurance. Students are encouraged to use the sleeves, as damage to chromebooks will increase their insurance premium the following year.

Q: Should I purchase insurance even if I only plan to use my chromebook at school?

A: There is no need, as theft, loss and unintentional damage to chromebooks at school are covered. A student is responsible for any costs incurred if the chromebook is removed from the school, in violation of policy.

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