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COVID-19 Response Plan

Hello Class! 

It’s a big change for all of us and while I would prefer to see you all in person, I regret that it is not safe to do so at this time.  I am working on learning the technology aspect as fast as I can to best assist you with your mathematics learning. Please be patient as the technology does not seem to cooperate at times.  In the meantime, here are instructions for what we are going to do through April.


I will be posting assignments and links to useful videos on Google Classroom; you can submit images there.  Attendance will be tracked based on students turning in weekly assignments and scoring 70% or better; the other way is through Google Meet; use the code I sent to you to login to the scheduled meet.  I will be on Google Meet for a specific time for each class. Please see your course below for what time your class will be held on Meet (These times are subject to change, so please watch your emails and my website postings for any updates or changes). Google Meet is a time to introduce the daily lesson and assist the designated class with questions or needs.  To find Google Meet (video) you should open a new tab and click on the “waffle” at the top right, then scroll down to Meet and login to my Meet by using the code I sent to you via email and on Google Classroom.  


As usual, you will have a week to get full credit on your homework.  The drop off homework system for those who do not have internet (right now it’s a red folder labeled "Turn in Math" on the Jr. High side of the Math table). For those who do, I have attached and created instructions for submitting via classroom.

Please note: ALL COURSEWORK IS ONLINE. THERE IS NO NEED FOR HARD COPY MATERIALS AT THIS TIME unless you are one of the few who do not have Internet access. If you would like a hard copy please let me know by email so I can add you to the list.


Math 6

Google Classroom Link
Google Meet:
8:00-8:50 am

(March 25-27)

  • Module 5: Lesson 18
  • Module 5: Lesson 19 


(March 30-April 3)

  • Mod 5: Lesson 19a
  • Mod 5: Unit Test on Khan
  • Mod 6:  Lesson 1 and 2

(April 6-10)

  • Module 6: Lessons 3, 4, 5

(April 13-17)

  • Module 6: Lessons 6, 7, 8

(April 20-24)

  • Module 6: Lessons 9, 10, 11

(April 27-May 1)

  • Module 6:  Lessons 12, 13, 14
  • Module 6:  Khan Academy Quiz 1

Math 7

Google Classroom Link
Google Meet:
9:00-9:50 am 

(March 25-27)

  • Module 5: Lesson 23, Khan Academy Quiz 2 & 3, Khan Unit 5 Test
  • Module 5 with associated videos

(March 30-April 3)

  • Module 6: Lessons 1, 2, 3

(April 6-10)

  • Module 6: Lessons 4, 5, 6

(April 13-17)

  • Module 6: Lessons 7, 8, 9

(April 20-24)

  • Module 6: Lessons 10, 11, 12

(April 27-May 1)

  • Module 6:  Lessons 13, 14, 15
  • Module 6: Khan Academy Quiz 1

Math 8

Google Classroom Link
Google Meet:

(March 25-27)

  • Module 7: Lesson 9 (we started this with notes before Spring Break)
  • Module 7: Lesson 10

(March 30-April 3)

  • Module 7: Lessons 11, 12, 13

(April 6-10)

  • Module 7: Lessons 14, 15

(April 13-17)

  • Module 7: Lessons 16, 17
  • Module 7: Quiz 1 and 2 on Khan

(April 20-24)

  • Module 7:  Lessons 18, 19

(April 27-May 1)

  • Module 7:  Lessons 20, 21



We’re in this together! 

Best wishes,

Mrs. Munson  :)




Bachelor of Science, Major: Elementary Education, K-8, All Subjects

Minor areas of emphasis: Mathematics, ASL (American sign Language)/Communications

University of Idaho

Master's of Education, Curriculum & Instruction

University of Idaho, NASA Fellowship




Contact Information

209 N. School Street

P.O. Box 291

Cascade, Idaho 83611


Telephone: (208) 630-6057 x2520



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